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Jeff Elder
Founder & President


About Jeff
As a native of the Mississi‍‍‍ppi Gulf Coast, I had the fortune to grow up surrounded by a wonderful architectural vernacular comprised of antebellum homes, historic Creole buildings, charming seaside bungalows, and a vibrant art community.  It didn't take long for me to develop an interest in the world of architecture and design.  Frequent trips to New Orleans as a child helped to spark my interest even further.  It was then that I decided to pursue an education in architecture.

While studying architecture at Mississippi State University (MSU), my passions for the field were confirmed and under the guidance of the tremendous faculty there, my skills in design began to develop.  I also had the wonderful opportunity to study abroad at the Diploma School of Architecture at Plymouth University in England.  This time in Europe allowed me to travel extensively and study the architectural treasures of the continent. After returning stateside, I earned a professional Bachelor of Architecture from MSU and began my career.

Our Firm
Founded in 2007, RJ Elder Design is a full service residential design firm located in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  We specialize in custom design services, with an emphasis on schematic conceptualization, design development, construction document drawings, and project management. Our goal with every project is to create a sense of place that exceeds our clients' expectations and imagination. We strongly believe that the best projects are a true collaboration of the minds that gives our clients the best, aesthetically correct version of their own ideas. This concept offers the unique opportunity for us to constantly evolve and pursue different ideas for every project that comes our way.